Experience Platform Enhancements

A Commonwealth Regulatory agency

The Customer:
An Australian Regulation Agency founded in 2010 which is responsible, in collaboration with a specialty board of Australia, for registration and accreditation of health professionals servicing more than 900,000 registered practitioners.

The Problem:
The customer uses an experience platform to manage the applications, surveys, and renewals of practitioners in Australia. The platform completed 101,500 digital applications, with 111,000 documents captured and 105,000 payments processed via the payment gateway while engaging over 900,000 registered users. One of the customer adaptive engagements is complex being composed of 83 pages/fragments, 12 custom integration and bespoke customisations. The customer experience solution is hosted on eight environments and was six major versions behind vendor release, raising support and cyber security risks. The customer was locked into the version with the complexities of the bespoke integrations and customisations used to deliver the highly adaptive customer experience application to onboard customers with ID+Verification checks, certification+verification, and payment for registrations. The platform was experiencing significant performance issues, a backlog of unresolved support and enhancement requests, and data inaccuracies from the platform publishing to the Mulesoft API. raising critical challenges that impacted its overall effectiveness and user satisfaction, additionally, there was a need for a comprehensive upgrade to customer experience environments and improved guidance for the upgrade process. One of the biggest challenges was the team were unsure what other issues lay beneath the surface as the platform had seen team transitions and clear documentation was lacking on the complexity of integrations such as the payment gateway. The need to analyse and address these pressing concerns by mapping existing systems, workflows, and integrations, and developing a prioritized, ROI-driven strategy to enhance the platform's performance, upgrade while maintaining the BAU user experience to a tight deadline.

The Solution:
BDS was engage by the customer to provide a team and a range of services for the customer experience platform that included advisory, business process mapping, full stack development, integration development, and go-live support and engagement management.

As a result, BDS defined the digital strategy, work sprints with the customer to achieve the tight deadlines. The upgrade was completed within 3 months and the BDS team removed several custom integrations by leveraging out of the box features set while maintain the BAU process, branding and process define by the customers business removing technical debt for future upgrades, cloud readiness, ROI, and reduced support. As a part of the delivery the BDS team upgraded any residual customer integrations to the latest development frameworks increasing the security posture, performance, compliance and reducing technical debt.   

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